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Be the heroine of your life, not the victim.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Nora Stolz 

 Coach   |   Entrepreneur   |   Public Speaker   |   Yoga Teacher |   Dog lover 

I am a positive psychology practitioner, a transformative coach and motivational speaker with over 6 years experience in coaching. I started my practice focusing on female leadership coaching. In 2017, my portfolio expanded to include transformative coaching, career calibration - for women & men.


My expertise is in igniting fast authentic action and in inspiring focus & clarity. While working with clients from the UK, Germany, Austria and the USA, I developed my signature coaching program:

'The Action Method®'.


Seeing my clients re-connecting with their intuition and re-gaining self confidence to take action and drive authentic personal & professional change makes my day!


In 2017, I started a women's leadership community: The WomenBreakfastClub -  an initiative for like-minded women to connect and talk business. With over 1,500 members we host regular breakfast events. Prior to that, I founded a technology start-up and was privileged to see our work and contribution being featured in WIRED magazine, Die Welt, BBC Radio 4 and various podcasts across the globe.


​Having worked for over a decade in the financial and high-tech industry (BlackRock, PIMCO, Morgan Stanely, JPMorgan, Facebook and startup ventures), so I know exactly the challenges that modern day work life brings and I can provide credible real-life insights and strategies how to work through challenges and turn it into concrete opportunities. The magic word is "Life Strategy". A lot of us have a strategy for almost everything, at times a bit short-lived and very short-term, but if you work with me I will be able to help you develop a clear path and vision for the 5-years to come, the next decade and how you'll spend the rest of your life. 


I hold a Masters in International Business from GGSB Grenoble in France in 2006, and obtained my Masters in International Management with distinction from Brighton Business School one year prior. I hold a positive psychology degree from Pennsylvania University and am currently working towards my ICF accreditation.

I am a qualified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and a Certified Happiness Coach. An entrepreneur and creative thinker at heart, I always come up with new concepts.

The two words that define me are: energy & inspiration!


Keynote, panels, moderator, facilitator

I am available for speaker's engagements in English and German language. Book me for inspirational keynotes, to facilitate corporate team building sessions, to facilitate leadership events and workshops,  or to moderate a panel. My topics of passion and expertise are innovation, organisational culture,  diversity & inclusion, entrepreneurship, women empowerment & leadership.