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Here my answers to the 5 questions

Name:  Nora Stolz

City:     London, Marylebone

In a few sentences, please tell me what you do: I do a few different things:

  • I am an entrepreneur, currently working on a new project a coaching platform that supports companies, organisations and startups to engage and retain their future managers (development of Millennials and Gen Z company leaders). 

  • I am a positive psychology & happiness coach. So I work with individuals to live a better life that takes their personal strengths into consideration.

  • I am a Vinyasa yoga teacher. I teach busy executives on a 1:1, I teach at Soho House in London and I teach in companies.

  • I run the WomenBreakfastClub, a networking initiative for like-minded professional women.

In a few sentences, please tell me know if there is something you are currently working on or interested in:  This year it is all my new venture in the coaching space and about the WomenBreakfastClub. I also finally got a puppy - Harriet, a wonderful companion, and you can read about my life with her 'A dog's life' on my LinkedIn page. Life is better with a puppy!


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Contact details:
WhatsApp: +44 7590470078 if you like to drop me a line!



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