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Let's decode your potential


Do you feel you are not using your full potential? Perhaps you are not drawing on your key strengths, abilities and interests on a daily basis? Perhaps you are going through a difficult time at work or in your personal life and the future seems daunting, overwhelming and uncertain. Work with me if you like to reconnect with your authentic self, create a lifestyle that reflects who you are as an individual and develop a life and career strategy for long-term success. 


For over five years, I have been coaching people from all walks of life supporting them in private and professional matters. Together with my clients, we develop a life strategy that focuses on core skills and personal values. The goal is to help you fall in love with your life again and to help you to develop a clear vision for the future. 

You will feel empowered and confident to make bold changes and lead the life you want. My proprietary coaching method is called 'The Action Method®' - a break-through coaching program for fast and lasting results.


Get in touch with me today and find out how I can support you on your personal journey.

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Fast & lasting results


The Action Method® is my signature coaching program designed for people who like to reassess and recalibrate their life. Designed for ambitious people, it encourages you to pause, step back, and to then take bold decisive action.

 Gain clarity, develop your vision and take action! 

In this bespoke coaching program, I will guide you in five 90-minute sessions to regain strength and purpose in your career & life.  We will follow my proprietary The Action Method® program and redefine who you are, what you want and how to get it. Once you complete the program, The Action Method® will give you a guiding roadmap that helps you stay on track.

The Action Method®

  • Holistic program for career & life planning

  • Value & strengths analysis, life vision planning, career development, habit formation and more

  • MindMapping and roadmapping

  • You'll have a clearer vision and a concrete path towards your goals.


Imagine who you could become with an Executive Coach - someone who is dedicated to see you succeed in every single step along the way.


Do you feel you are not using your best skills and talents in your day-to-day?


Are you an ambitious (wo)man and determined to take your career into your own hands, to double-down on your strengths?


Do you feel stuck and want to re-adjust your career and life to focus on what brings you joy?

Get in touch for my tailor-made strengths-based coaching program. We'll assess your individual strengths, discuss your values and ambitions and find way for you to double-down on your strengths. So you can be(come) the best version of yourself.


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The size of your dreams must always exceed your current capacity to achieve them. If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.

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A good coach can change a game, a great coach can change your life.

The secret to happiness


'Life Coaching' is one of the best kept secrets to success & happiness. More and more people are discovering the power a coach can bring to their life and career. Work with me 1:1 or join the group coaching, to find and reach your full potential.

The intimacy of 1:1 coaching allows you to get a deeper understanding of your core values & personal drivers. Feel inspired & empowered to break through limiting beliefs that hold you back. Re-discover your passion and purpose, re-connect with your authentic path to achieve greater fulfilment, balance & clarity in your life.  

  • Develop deeper understanding of self

  • Gain clarity & purpose

  • Implement new habits

  • Goal-setting and life management

Life Coaching Formats

I offer different coaching formats to suit your style from 1:1 in person, 1:1 remote (via video or audio), to group coaching and retreats. 

The Action Method®



Nora’s one of a kind 1-to-1 sessions were exactly what I needed. Her method is truly authentic and shows straight forward results. The best kick-in-the-ass I ever got in my life. 
After being stuck in the ‘mommy trap’ for some years, I am now up to date with current recruiting requirements and trends. I feel powerful and strong to design my own career path and really do what I love.

- The Action Method -


After losing my job I had a hard time getting myself out there again. While I had a different career coach, the results were lacking. Then Nora took me under her wings and helped me to re-gain my self-confidence and worked with me on a career strategy I had never even imagined. Today, I feel determined, inspired & excited to face any new challenge.

- Career Coaching -

  SARAH - 31 YEARS  

There are few people who can see things so clearly as Nora. I started working with her after my engagement ended suddenly in 2017. Her positive energy is infectious and she inspired my self-confidence to seek and rebuild an authentic life. Nora is straight-talking and incredibly compassionate. She's a born Life Coach.

- The Action Method -


In fact, my dad suggested I work with Nora. After my University and the first years' of work experiences I felt disenchanted and lost. Nora was so helpful and supporting.  

- Career Coaching -


I started working with Nora in Nov 2018 when my life was utterly unbalanced. She helped me to gain clarity & focus and we worked out a concrete implementation plan that I could follow.

- The Action Method -


Simply a game changer. Nora's style is 'no-bullshit', direct yet deeply personal. Exactly what I needed! Today, I feel inspired & energised and know I can achieve anything.

- Life Coaching -